It is our mission is to show high school kids who are being raised in environments where opportunities are limited that travel is the door to “learning to live”. We believe there is no better way for kids to break free of preconceived notions about themselves and others and to realize what they are capable of accomplishing than to find themselves on foreign soil where everything is different and their world opens up. 

Our program focuses on:

Allowing our students to feel free to be themselves while learning who they truly are.

Providing opportunities for our students to learn new skills that can help them grow mentally and financially.

Help our students understand why it is important to travel and build positive relationships around the world.

Our dreams for these kids are BIG because we know that, when you travel, life becomes BIG!

Lets Live Belize.jpg

Our students experienced what fully living is like as our trip has touched their mind, body, and soul. They had the opportunity to; snorkel around the Barrier Reef, live the island lifestyle, float through caves, cliff jump inside of the caves and learn the history of the caves, share deep conversations at the beach bonfire where they got to watch the fire being started from scratch, learn how and why it’s important to meditate and much more. There was no better feeling than to watch our students gain new life skills, knowledge, and perspectives just by experiencing life outside of their comfort zone. Please stay tuned for our documentary where we will share our story about our journey in Belize and a sneak peek on where our students are headed to next.