It is our mission to show high school kids who are being raised in environments where opportunities are limited that travel is the door to “learning to live”. We believe there is no better way for kids to break free of preconceived notions about themselves and others and to realize what they are capable of accomplishing than to find themselves on foreign soil where everything is different and their world opens up. 

Before we begin our travels, we spend months working closely with the kids, individually and in group settings, acquainting them with each other to ensure compatibility and learning what their life stories are. We want to know where they come from and where they want to go in life. Often they don’t know the latter. At LTL we help them figure that out.

Not only will they be exposed to different cultures, traditions and cuisines, they will be writing about their adventures every evening. They will be working together and individually on journals in which they will document what they experienced and learned during each day. These journals will allow the kids to show our partners and viewers in their own words how travel has changed them.

The satisfaction we at LTL get from watching our kids grow in experience before our very eyes keeps us motivated to offer our services to more and more youth. We imagine the young man who struggles to speak in front of others teaching English to a bunch of eager Spanish-speaking kids; we imagine the young girl who has never seen the ocean decide she wants go to college and study marine biology 

Our dreams for these kids are BIG because we know that, when you travel, life becomes BIG!

Lets Live Belize.jpg

Our students will experience what fully living is like as our activities will touch their mind, body, and soul. We’ll get their adrenaline pumping while zip lining through the rainforest and snorkeling in the worlds 2nd largest Barrier reef. Dance until we can’t dance anymore at the BBQ on the beach. Take a step back into history as we visit the Mayan Ruins and learn basic life skills in a healthy way by preparing a plant based meal. Since each day will be combined with meditation, yoga, and writing workshops our students will be able to deeply feel every moment to express how this journey has made them feel.